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Live up to your fullest potential!

Tired of your life moving in circles with nothing to show for it? Join LaVonne Earl’s Honored Membership where you will learn to heal past hurts and replace limiting beliefs with the truth of God’s Word.  Through the concepts, tools, and activities in this membership, you will learn how to develop a new and healthy narration—a way of thinking based on healthy beliefs and biblical truths—to give you A Sound Mind and the Happy Life you deserve.

Upcoming Class

live via zoom on march 31st, 10am-11am, pst

Ignite Your Love Life

Ignite Your Love Life is a 7 week series that will help you deepen your love life as you learn to rest, heal and become restored by your Shepherd King. Discover the real war and how to win it so you can experience more peace and joy in your life. Discover what the Divine Duet looks like and become ignited with purpose and passion. Based from Song of Songs, the greatest song of all. 

christian coach training
designed to transform you

Want to change your life but just don't know where to start?

Life trauma can set the trajectory of your life in a direction you do not wish to go. If not addressed, it has the potential to adversely affect relationships, self-esteem, and even your daily decisions. God wants you to operate at your fullest potential. He wants you to put your past where it belongs and take a hold of the wonderful future He has for you. You do not want to wait until it’s too late. Get instant access to teachings that’ll help you live a fulfilled life! 

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Change starts with taking the next step.

With your purchase you will receive:

You don’t have to do it all on your own. La Vonne Earl will take you step-by-step to fulfilling your Godly vision.

for only $48.50/month

Godly Meditations

Have an area of lack in your life? Renew your mind with beautiful, purpose driven, godly meditations.

As an Honored Member you will have ACCESS to EXCLUSIVE  GODLY AUDIO MEDITATIONS that will create within you a godly narration for success.

Health and Wellness

Safeguard your emotions

Improve your physical and emotional well being

Health and Wellness

Financial Freedom

A Balanced Life

Develop a godly outlook of your life in wealth and prosperity

Financial Freedom

Identity in Christ

Heightened Self-Awareness

Understand who you truly are as you gain clarity on your God-given purpose

Identity in Christ

Healing from Abandonment

Release bitterness

Eliminate negative emotions and discover the Father’s heart

Healing from Abandonment

Trusting God

Become God dependent

Trust in God even through hardships knowing He is good and He will work everything out for your good.

Trusting God

Release Rejection

Build Better Relationships

Overcome your fears and improve your confidence in relationships

Release Rejection

Here is what others are saying:

Created with you in mind

Who is this for?

All who desire to live their life at their greatest potential. Both men and women, young and mature, those who know the Bible well, and those who know nothing at all. Being an honored member appeals to those who love community and desire to be together online, and also those who prefer to learns things alone on their own time. 

As a member you will learn new perspectives about your life based on Biblical truths. 

Learn Biblical stories in a simple and meaningful way. You will feel safe as you ask questions either privately or publicly. You will feel welcomed, at home and part of the family. Get the support you need as my honored member! I hope to see you soon.