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I'm La Vonne Earl.

Wife. Mom. Believer. Speaker. Coach. Trainer. Best-Selling Author.

My passion is helping individuals come to know Jesus Christ so they can live a life filled with purpose and the peace that passes understanding. A life filled with joy, regardless of circumstance. Nevertheless, I believe together we can improve your circumstances so you can live your best life! I believe everyone deserves a sound mind and a happy life!
I am the founder and director of the former YKI Coaching Associates, now La Vonne Earl Ministries, a Master Certified Christian Coach and trainer of the Christ Centered Coaching Program.
My professional trainings include coaching, counseling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Inner Healing, and Vision therapy. I have broad experiences in handling various life issues and am capable of helping you to achieve Emotional Wellness.
If you are experiencing any area of sadness, grief or emotional turmoil, you have come to the right place! I understand the pain you are experiencing and know exactly how to help bring you some quick relief, along with helping you make the changes necessary for lasting wellness. I work with both individuals and couples.
Having been married for 35 years with three children, including two more children through marriage and three grandchildren, I have a solid understanding of God’s word, know how to work with those experiencing conflict in their relationships, and have the ability to relate and understand others.
I care, will offer hope, will share a new perspective, and will help deliver you to a more fulfilled life because I know that everyone has a story. I would love to hear yours!

Before writing books, coaching others through their healing, before my thriving marriage...
I was completely broken.

I had just finished writing in my gratitude journal when I received a call that would forever change my life.

I will never forget the shock and confusion that the voice of the unknown caller brought into my life that day. Finding out my husband had been unfaithful sent me into a depression I never knew existed!

I couldn’t eat, sleep or function as a mom of young children. As a Christian I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t experience God’s peace or focus on the tasks at hand. Something was drastically missing, and I would soon find out what that was!

God led me to many courses of self-discovery. I would begin to understand the impact that abuse and my family of origin had on my life. My true identity was becoming clearer to me as God’s truths began to heal me!

God is so good! He restored my hope and vision for my life and even my marriage! It is now better than ever as we are approaching 34 years of marriage!

God has given me a great passion and purpose of helping others discover their true identity and help give them their godly vision back so they can heal and restore their lives.

Outside of working with clients, teaching and speaking, I serve at the OC Rescue Mission helping women who have been sex trafficked and abused discover their true identity and completely heal. I absolutely love being a part of God restoring lives!

La Vonne Earl

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."
— Proverbs 16:3

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